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Team Meeting

Organizational Development Services:

We are Nonflict change agents impacting Individuals, Forums, Families and Organizations towards sustainable success.

Trees From Above

Organizational Change

At the heart of our corporate services are the organizational diagnosis and change management methodologies we apply for our corporate clients. We take our clients through a process of defining team expectations, identifying what works well, prioritizing key obstacles, pinpointing their current phase on the corporate lifecycle (based on the teachings of Dr Adizes), understanding their evolving direction, working on a detailed action plan to overcome obstacles and reach the Prime stage, and implementing Dr Amir Kfir's renowned conflict resolution approach - Nonflict. This process is facilitated through creating a culture of trust, confidentiality, authentic leadership, vulnerability, support and tough love. 

Team Building 

The success of any organization is a derivative of many factors. Cohesiveness of the leadership teams is one of the most important ones. We help management and problem-solving groups further understand the interdependency and interplay between all team members, the performance of the group, and the organization as a whole. Through a series of activities, both indoor and outdoor, we help develop awareness and the individual skills needed for an effective team. Each member receives in-depth feedback on their management and work-style, their strengths contributing to the success of the group as well as areas for improvement.



Coaching is a professional relationship between two individuals (the coach and the client) that assists the client in achieving personal and/or professional goals in an accelerated manner. The coach supports the client in manifesting his/her highest potential and in attaining agreed upon goals. Coaching typically takes place on a one-to-one basis, and while most coaching occurs face-to-face, it can also be successfully accomplished through telephone and zoom. Successful coaching can happen in just one session.

Conflict Resolution

We train members of the organization around how to deal with conflict on a daily basis, using our unique 3-step conflict resolution method, the Nonflict way. By using our conflict resolution tools, your employees will spend less time and energy on existing tensions, and have more time to help the organization progress by addressing professional issues. We teach constructive conflict resolution skills so that you can enjoy a happier life and healthier relationships with those around you.


Company Integration & Alignment Events

These events are built specifically according to the organization's needs with the goal of creating an engaging, unified, and productive team culture. They are comprised of many elements, including: building effective interpersonal communication, strengthening relationships, and aligning employees around the company's strategy, vision and values. This type of event can take place over the course of one or multiple days.

Sales Training

This innovative program introduces a unique,  comprehensive methodology dealing with the “State of Mind” of the participants. Our goal is to bring a wind of change to the core of how people think, behave, and manage client relationships while being highly focused on a results-driven approach. We bring awareness to the concept of “Sense of Presence” (SOP), or being in the moment, by teaching leaders how to drive impact by being more focused and aware of the power of the “Here and Now.”

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