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Organizational Development

אמיר כפיר

דר אמיר כפיר

מטודולוגיה NONFLICT

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אמיר אור פיתוח ארגוני  

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אמיר אור

אמיר כפיר

At the heart of the corporate services are the organizational alignment and change management processes that Dr. Amir Kfir and his team offer, along with his renowned conflict resolution approach - Nonflict. This process is facilitated through creating a culture of trust, authentic leadership, vulnerability, support and tough love. Aspects of the organizational development work Dr. Amir Kfir offers include: Organizational and cultural transformation, team building, company integration and alignment, executive and leadership coaching, and sales training.

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Organizational Development
amir kfir lectures organisational development


Dr. Amir Kfir is a talented and engaging public speaker who has been captivating audiences for over 30 year in over 20 countries. He is known for his refreshing authenticity, energy, and ability to empathize with many different types of people. 

"Nonflict" Forum

Forum is a group setting, following a specific structure, which fosters mutual trust and respect while using conflict management techniques. Forums help break silos in an organization and connect people in deep and meaningful ways. It is also a vehicle for fast integration. This process nurtures team support and responsibility as participants learn that others share similar challenges and are willing to hold them accountable and help them achieve their goals. Participants are able to speak openly and honestly due to the high level of confidentiality.


University Initiatives

Dr. Amir Kfir offers customized programs for students and alumni of different universities. These include: mentorship programs, tailored nonflict forums and support groups, lectures and workshops focusing on psychology of entrepreneurship and venture groups, venture creation, designing teams, resolving conflicts, giving and receiving feedback, and more. These initiatives help students and alumni develop deeper connections, gain a better understanding of their chosen career path, develop a larger quality-network, and feel a deeper connection to the university they attend(ed).

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