The success of any organization is a derivative of many factors. One of the most important of them is the cohesiveness of the leadership teams. In this segment, we help management and problem-solving groups further understand the interdependency between each other and how the interplay impacts the performance of the group as well as the whole organization. Through a series of activities, outdoor and indoor, we help develop this awareness and the individual skills needed to best perform in a group setting. Each member receives in depth feedback on their management and work style, their strengths contributing to the success of the group as well as areas for improvement in this respect.

Transformational Intervention (TI) is a unique workshop based on Dr. Amir Kfir’s Ph.D. work on mindset management, and over 25 years of practical experience as an international leading organizational therapist, along with the expertise of a team of senior sales & marketing professionals and business coaches. The workshop aims at leading deep changes within key organizational departments such as sales/marketing operation and service departments while significantly increasing the company’s performance in the short and long term.  To learn more about sales training click here. 

Coaching is a professional relationship between two individuals (the coach and the client) that assists the client in achieving personal and/or professional goals in an accelerated manner.  The coach supports the client in manifesting his/her highest potential and in attaining agreed upon goals. Coaching typically takes place on a one-to-one basis, and while most coaching occurs face-to-face, it can also be successfully accomplished through telephone and e-mail contact. Successful coaching can happen in just one session. To learn more about coaching click here.

 Dr. Amir Kfir is a talented and engaging public speaker who has been captivating audiences for over 20 year in over 20 countries.  He is known for his refreshing authenticity, energy, and ability to empathize with many different types of people.  To learn more about public speaking click here 

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Conflict resolution

We train members of the organization around how to deal with conflict on a daily basis, using our unique our 3-step conflict resolution method, the Nonflict way. By using our conflict resolution tools, your employees will spend less time overcoming conflicts and wasting energy on existing tensions, and have more time to address professional issues helping the organization progress. We teach constructive conflict resolution skills so that you can enjoy a happier life and healthier relationships with those around you. To learn more about conflict resolution click here.

Forum is a structure of group processing and conflict management that creates an environment of mutual trust and respect. Participants in forum are able to speak their minds honestly and truthfully due to the high level of confidentiality applied. The experience also ensures team support and responsibility; people learn that they’re not alone in their problems and they have a group of people that will follow-up and help them achieve their goals. Our results so far in applying this technique to companies have been incredible.  Forums help break up silos in an organization and connect people in deep and meaningful ways.  Forum also offers a vehicle for fast integration. 

To learn more about forum click here,

To listen to the YPO/WPO Global Conference Call on Forum, click here 

At the heart of our corporate services are the organizational diagnosis and change management methodologies we apply for our corporate clients. We take our clients through a process of defining team expectations, identifying what works well, prioritizing key obstacles, pinpointing their current phase on the corporate lifecycle (based on the teachings of Dr Adizes), understanding their evolving direction, working on a detailed action plan around how to overcome obstacles and how to get organised towards reaching Prime, and how to implement Dr Amir Kfir's renowned conflict resolution approach, Nonflict. All this is facilitated through creating a culture of trust, confidentiality, authentic leadership, vulnerability, support and tough love. 

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