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What is Impact Forum?  

Impact Forums are a platform for members to openly discuss social issues within an intimate and confidential environment, through a structured process, ultimately leading to impact through understanding and action.  


Why do we use Impact Forum?

Impact Forums were conceived from the insight that it’s possible for members to make a unique difference in the world by combining the institution of Forum and its culture of intimacy, with the entrepreneurial skill set and networks of business leaders. We believe that applying this combination of assets to critical social issues will yield special insight and impact.

There are two possible paths to making a difference through an Impact:

Creating insight within the group, and transferring that insight to others;

Doing action-oriented, special projects that have external impact.

What is the Impact Forum process?  

The Forum process takes participants through several structured stages during each meeting and retreat, allowing them to share their issues and concerns in a safe space. Participants learn how to identify core issues and their underlying cause, openly express what concerns them around this issue, provide one-on-one coaching to other members (which they will be trained to provide), and practice accountability through creating detailed action plans with the knowledge of being followed up on.  


What makes Impact Forum successful?  

Impact Forum is a successful process when it receives support from within the structures of the organization, when meetings are run according to the correct procedure as facilitated by a trained moderator, when meetings are regular, and with the appropriate materials and facilitation tools (to be provided).  

Additionally, Impact Forum will need to lead to action in order to be successful in its mission, and will demand work between meetings to make this a reality. 


How to implement Impact Forum ?

Through a structured and guided implementation program we can assist with launching and supporting the forum structure within your group, scheduling regular moderators meetings, developing materials and facilitation tools, providing training at various levels (individual coaching for moderators and vice-moderators, conflict resolution training and tools, feedback training), helping to create a practice of monitoring and reporting results and measuring ROIs, providing online support for questions and challenges, conducting forum survey analysis and plan of action for improvement, and providing support in the creation of Forum rules and operational guidebook.  

PAN: A Case Study 

Dr. Amir Kfir has been the starting and leading moderator of the below peace forums with in the Peace Action Network in YPO.

Some examples of Peace Impact Forums include:

  • Israel - Arab

  • Greek -Turk

  • Turk - Armenian

  • Jewish - Muslim / Men and Women (JAMS of New York and JAMS of London)

  • Arab - American

  • Hindu - Pakistan (facilitated by Bobby Sager)

The work with these groups deals with the establishment of a clear shared understanding about the nature of the conflict and the perspectives of each side, to the causes and symptoms, as well as results of the conflict for each side. A shared vision of an ideal reality is then developed and, in light of this, an action plan for individuals and the group is drawn. The groups continue to meet in face to face or online meetings and share non-filtered insights, and leverage the power of the members for action on the ground.  

While it is governments that will sign peace agreements, it is people who will manage the reconciliation process and there is no one better to do so than YPO/WPO, who are experts in problem solving in an entrepreneurial way.​

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Testimonials from “The Impact Forum” 

"Dearest Amir, the one and only, you did it again. The magic wand which brings a room full of people whom never met before, at Pictet Bank in Geneva, Switzerland. You glued them together with your sensitivities, which made the whole FSN event more meaningful, valuable, exponentially deeper and more enjoyable. There is no one else like you."

 Naava Mashiah, Impact Officer, Financial Services Network, YPO

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