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A Taste of Forum

Estimated Length: 1/2 day - 1 day

Forum training marks the beginning of a group’s relationship. A professional facilitator helps your forum establish a group communication model, whereby each member has a safe place to learn. Experiencing the value of shared peer experiences right from the start, the group will learn the basic foundation of what makes a forum work through getting to know each other and learning how to work well together.

"Amir helped us understand AND experience a forum meeting. His empathetic style helped us open up very quickly and be candid about our issues. He was not only informative but also funny so kept me engaged throughout the session."


Moderator’s Training

Estimated Length of Event - 1-2 days

Each forum group elects a member to a one-year term as Moderator. The Moderator organizes the group and runs meetings. In this important position, the Moderator guides the forum to make sure the group grows and evolves. The Moderator may have to take on the role of arbiter to deal with challenges. Training is essential for new moderators and for forum health. The session covers language protocol, presentation organization, crisis management, conflict resolution, retreat planning and much more. The training can be held for a group of 8-30 individuals.

Forum Annual Retreat

Estimated Length of Event - 1.5-2 days

A forum’s annual retreat is a time to step back, assess where you are, and evaluate current learning needs in the group. An annual retreat allows your members to reaffirm their commitment to each other, build trust, and deepen the level of work members do with each other, while addressing possible conflicts within the group. We customize the program to your group’s history and current needs. The group moderator has the unique opportunity to become a participating member, and each individual member gets the chance to make personal breakthroughs.

Nonflict Methodology

Estimated length of event: half a day

This interactive session aims to introduce and guide participants through the Nonflict methodology, a unique 3-step conflict resolution approach developed by Dr. Amir Kfir that allows participants to learn to embrace conflict and turn it into an opportunity for growth and deepened relationships. The workshop will provide participants with practical tools that are easy to implement, as well as team building elements, understanding of how to deliver effective and meaningful feedback and how to promote preventative conflict resolution in order to avoid reaching a point of tense and destructive confrontation. 

Forum Tune Up and Supercharge

Estimated Length of Event - 0.5-1 day

This program has been developed for training a group on the specific issues diagnosed in the forum online survey. We facilitate this session and help the forum to move towards the next phase of its evolution.

An advanced session, this workshop will provide tools and techniques to get the most out of the Forum process and raise it to the next level, ensuring that each Forum member leaves the session having both supported others and received their own personal “return on time”

Spouse Forums

Estimated Length of Event - 4-6 hours

Great Chapters have great forums, and the best Chapters have great spouse forums. When spouses have powerful forums, the social dynamics and education outside of the Chapter gets much stronger as well. Our role is to lead these groups from inception to rejuvenation.

The Moderator training program conducted by DR. Amir was indeed the perfect recipe for our Forum. A long standing Forum, we needed more soul searching. Dr.Amir provided the perfect direction and clarity that we could use going forward.

Nonflict helped me immediately with a vital meeting with my employees and their union. It even helped me resolve an explosive conflict between my wife and teenage daughter leading to hugs.


We intentionally chose Amir Kfir to launch our chapter’s forums in the past six months. In my mind, his methodology, support, and care have had an incalculable impact on our members through their forum experience - and by extension, has profoundly and positively impacted the course of the Jewish people and State of Israel. YPO Mosaic is an Israel-international chapter with members in nearly 30 countries around the world. These members actions will alter the course of human events. We owe a debt of gratitude to Amir and his commitment to our chapter, our people, and our ancestral homeland.


~Avi Jorisch, Found and Chapter Chair of YPO United Mosaic

I absolutely loved it! I came into the session, feeling stretched, slightly disjointed (I had spent the morning on trying to finalize my half year number) and unconnected.
I left feeling inspired, centered, energized and thoughtful. I really appreciated your honestly, your wry sense of humor, you pushed as a group in a direct, honest way that never felt harsh. It was a powerful session. Thank you, really special afternoon. I think our forum, which is amazing anyway, is going to be permanently changed. 
I hope our paths cross again.

Great facilitator’s skills observed! Adjusting based on our engagement levels! Made me organise my action and deliver an action plan that lead me to my goal. Saw a lot of my blind spots

Experience and emotional connected strongly with us. Guided the discussion on key topics that help us a lot. He had knowledge of the subject, great insight and beautiful manner.

He has a very direct and professional way of explaining and expressing him self that we get directly to the point without losing the magic or the enthusiasm. Moreover, he organised perfectly or procedures by giving us tools and inspiration. Multitalented personality

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