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Sales Training

TI (Transformational Intervention) is a unique workshop based on Dr. Amir Kfir’s Phd work on mindset management and over 25 years of practical experience as an international leading organizational therapist, along with the expertise of a team of senior sales & marketing professionals and business coaches. The workshop aims at leading deep changes withing key organizational departments such as sales/marketing operation and service departments while significantly increasing the company’s performance in the short and long term.


This innovative program introduces a new comprehensive methodology dealing with the “State of Mind” of the participants. Our goal is to bring a wind of change to the core of how people think, behave, and manage client relationships - all while being highly focused on a results-driven approach. We bring awareness to the concept of “Sense of Presence” (SOP), or being in the moment, by teaching leaders how to drive impact by being more focused and aware of the power of the “Here and Now.”

In parallel, we will be using Amirror’s coaching and problem solving techniques while empowering managers to develop competencies such as listening, focusing, self-persistence, negotiation, planning, and peer relationship.


Amirror’s unique TI (Transformational Intervention) process is customized through a four-step process to ensure the best results:

1. Prior to the workshop: We meet with you and conduct interviews, current status analysis, and needs assessments. We study what makes your best people perform well and develop case studies custom-made to your world.

2. During the workshop: We engage with workshop participants and managers in a “Train the Trainer” approach with our unique practical coaching style. This includes role playing, visualization, group coaching, active discussions, meditation, and real-time simulations.

3. Following the workshop: We conduct a final analysis, recommendations and follow-up. We want to ensure that your team retains and applies the workshop’s content in their day-to-day work routine. We provide a one-on-one summary session to each participant and a one-on-one coaching session after 3 months. Moreover, participants will receive a reinforcement kit that includes a video of their sales simulation to help them advance their daily life self-awareness (taping will be made by client resources).

4. Evaluating success: Finally, with your help, we will measure the impact of this transformation workshop on actual performance data and celebrate success.


The results achieved through this process are much deeper then the improvement in sales which immediately follows. General facts and numbers cannot describe accurately what really happens to people during this fragile change process. The art behind an effective workshop lies in producing the very qualitative changes that record-breaking heroes go through. Two experienced facilitators lead the group through a full experiential learning adventure designed to activate all senses. The aim of the workshop is to expose the salespeople to a number of keys to unlock their hidden potential, to enable them to select the method that worked best for them.


One participant elected the creative visualization method: “On the way to the next sales call, I will use this very powerful method. It works for me!” 


Others chose the active listening method after they were exposed to the mind-boggling feeling of really tuning into their customers: “We had read about some of these methods previously but experimenting with them throughout the workshop and feeling results on ourselves in real time allowed the method to crystallize and become part of our repertoire.”

To read about Dr. Amir Kfir's dissertation regarding changing a salesperson's mindset around a sales encounter through meditation and breath-work techniques, click here or on the PDF logo.

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