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​We believe in giving back to society. We found one great way to do so is in supporting organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those from disadvantaged populations. Our work within these groups includes the development of a leadership team with a clear shared vision, well communicated both inside the organization and to the outside world, with the proper infrastructure to mange both the delivery arm as well as the founding activities of the entity. We are always open for requests from such organizations and will try our best to help when we can. 

Women's group "Tanishka"

We work with the Tanishka foundation - a symbiotic network of voluntary forums that works towards restoring dignity to women at the grassroots level, through social, physical and financial security. These women come together on a regular basis to talk about challenges in their life, but also to discuss the challenges in the society around them and how to tackle them, such as women’s health, young girls' safety, pollution, public transport, etc. The network currently includes 110,000 members in Maharashtra area and is growing. We are currently working on expanding this concept into Mexico. 

Children's group "Sport is your Gang"

"Sport Is Your Gang” targets youths from challenging backgrounds, encouraging them to take up Muaythai training and, through their participation in training and dialogue programs, to be inspired for positive self-development and a healthy lifestyle. Rather than belonging to a gang or participating in a violent lifestyle, the spirit of the project is that sport can become a family, a team and a community. After the training, kids sit together and discuss the issues they are facing in life using Dr Amir Kfir's Nonflict forum methodology. The project has currently reached over 2000 participants in Mexico and this is just the beginning. 

"Sport Is Your Gang" has become a world-recognized project winning the SportAccord Spirit of Sport Award 2014. 

Peace building is a process of conflict transformation that involves addressing deep-rooted structural and cultural violence. Sport is the universal language for dialogue and interaction. It fosters understanding, tolerance and trust. 

Not Alone

In 2011, during a YPO/Harvard program at the age of 14, Kristina came up with the idea to build a global platform to help teenagers with the issues they face. She tried to give love and support to the people around her. Unfortunately, in 2017, Kristina Belyakova passed away. Even a life as short as hers was not too short to change the world. Following in her footsteps, NOTALONE named its virtual friend in her honor. The NOTALONE app provides the best possible way for our users to find the emotional help they seek…and need

Young Inspirators Network (YIN)

Young Inspirators Network (YIN) is a voluntary alliance of young citizens striving for positive change within their individual, professional and societal spheres. YIN aims to create a spirited and unified platform that inspires and engages the youth to participate in the critical process of nation building. The unique promise of YIN is to integrate the youth as a dynamic force in nation transformation, ensuring direct outcomes through tangible results. YIN is a holistic platform for engagement with the youth, created to allow a meaningful exchange of information, ideas and views. In order to make this exchange possible, we train the youth around how to manage a Nonflict Forum. 

Unit 669

669 is the IDF's primary rescue unit. Our mission is training mentors and veterans of the unit on how to develop their businesses. Recently, Dr. Amir Kfir held a seminar, where he taught members of the unit the Nonflict methodology on how to manage tasks and solve problems in their personal and work-life. Those present at the seminar learned how to identify, analyze and find the ultimate win-win solution for any type of conflict.

Israeli Navy Seals - שייטת 13‎‎

Shayetet 13 is a veteran Israeli special forces unit. The unit has taken part in almost all of Israel's major wars, as well as other military activities. The unit is one of the most secretive in the Israeli military.  Dr. Amir Kfir has been training Israel YPO members in mentoring and coaching veterans of Israeli Navy Seals on how to develop their business ventures. 

Make a Wish

Association of Make-A-Wish Israel is part of an international organization, whose mission is fulfilling the wishes of children suffering from life-threatening illness, aged 3-18. We strive to provide children and family with hope, strength and joy in the most difficult period of their lives .

בשביל המחר (For The Sake of Tomorrow)

This association is a volunteer-based social organization designated for IDF combat military service graduates. We initiate activities to help the former soldiers adapt in the civil society following their release and help with personal empowering and growth.


The goal of Lasova is to ensure the basic human needs of any person are met. It is a non-profit network consisting of 20 youth centers offering education for children and youth at risk, three restaurants for the needy, 6 marquis-care centers for the homeless, city-collecting surplus food and other projects. The work of the organization solely depends on volunteers and donations. 

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Million Peacemakers

Million Peacemakers is a Non-profit founded by Stephen Hecht, Dr. Amir Kfir and Frederic Latreille.

The vision of the organization is co-creating a culture of peace in the world by empowering people to transform conflict into Nonflict. Million Peacemakers is a team of professionals who contribute towards creating a culture of peace in the world by striving to train one million people in Nonflict - our simple 3-step conflict resolution method.

This method, created by Dr. Amir Kfir, is a result of our desire to help people break the cycle of destructive conflict management and to learn to resolve conflict constructively through empathy, and fully being in the other's shoes. 

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