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Nonflict Workshop

We all deal with conflicts every day – at home, in the office and within society. Therefore, learning to embrace conflict and turning it into an opportunity for growth, is an invaluable tool for a more meaningful life. Dr Amir Kfir has developed a simple and unique 3-step conflict resolution approach that can be taught to companies, families, peer-groups and individuals in an interactive 4-hour workshop. The workshop is aimed at introducing and guiding participants through the methodology, and will provide them with practical tools that can be implemented immediately. The workshop includes several team building elements,  guidance on how to deliver effective and meaningful feedback, and ultimately teaches participants how to implement a process, through active listening and productive dialogue, that promotes preventative conflict resolution, in order to avoid arriving at a point of tense conflict which is destructive to your family, team or business.  

After the workshop participants will be able to better identify their personal conflict styles and how to use the simple Nonflict methodology to co-create positive outcomes for themselves, their families and their organizations.


This interactive workshop can be customized to your organization or family's specific needs, as well as combined with other training sessions offered by Amirror Group Organizational Development. 

To book a workshop or get more information, please contact us.

Nonflict workshop conflict resolution Amir Kfir
Nonflict workshop conflict resolution Amir Kfir
Nonflict Conflict Resolution Amirror
Read more about Nonflict (in Hebrew) here! 
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