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Nonflict Forum

Forum is a structure of group processing and conflict management that creates an environment of mutual trust and respect. Participants in forum are able to speak their minds honestly and truthfully due to the high level of confidentiality applied. The experience also ensures team support and responsibility; people learn that they’re not alone in their problems and they have a group of people that will follow-up and help them achieve their goals.

Why NONFLICT Forum in Management?

1. Creating a fast cultural integration
2. Breaking silos
3. Fast problem solving and implementation
4. Accountability in execution
5. Integrate family and business
6. Creating mutual trust and respect
7. Organic discipline
8. Supporting global and matrix organizations
9. Bringing the heart into business
10. Developing authentic leadership


The Process of Forum:

1. Education on forum
2. Confidentiality reminder
3. Communication starter
4. Update
5. Coaching one-on-one
6. Presentation
7. Topic-based discussion
8. Follow-up


Companies that have already applied forum to their businesses: 

McElroy  (YPO US)
David Intercontinental  (YPO ISRAEL)
Hamashbir (YPO ISRAEL)
Soil tech (YPO US)
Powermat (YPO ISRAEL)
Family business (Switzerland)
IDC Alumni Israel
Nutricia Russia
YPO/WPO executive committees

Read more about Nonflict (in Hebrew) here!