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*Amirror’s “The Art of Peace” program on conflict management won hall of fame recognition from YPO in 2013.


*Amirror’s “The Hero is You” program on parent-child relationships won the 2011 YPO “Best of the Best” award and won the Israeli YPO chapter’s “Best Program of the Year” award.

Testimonials from “The Art of Peace” 

I attended your recent seminar in Toronto and just want to say Thank You for the impact it had on me.  First of all, I was able to use the tools taught in the seminar to deal with a vital meeting the following day I had with my employees and their union.  And recently I had a dramatic flare up between my teenage daughter and my wife and I was able to diffuse the tension in the moment and bring both to a peaceful resolution and we even embraced with hugs at the end of what was a very dramatic discussion.

Being patient, listening with your heart, and reaching for the high road makes a big, big difference.

Thanks again,

Jason Rosset, President, Accuworx Inc., (YPO Upper Canada)

“A few weeks ago I was present in the “Art of Peace”  WPO /YPO program  in  Calgary.  I need to let you know I have helped out my friends with a conflict in a partnership by lending the card and having them work through 2 years they have never spent more then 20 min together, their lunch was 3 hours together last week…”

John Fitzsimmons, YPO Calgary

“I used the conflict resolution process to help my two daughters (21 and 23) go through a conflict that was lasting and pulling them apart as well as taking a lot of space in the family.  It helps tremendously and I have seen them discuss the topic in a much better mood since then.  They both participated in the Art of Peace event and they could witness for themselves the power of the process.”

Francois Beaudoin, WPO Quebec

“On behalf of my Chapter, I would like to thank YPO International, the International Education Committee for coming, and Stephen Hecht for conducting a truly emotive and transformational workshop. The enthusiasm that you have all sparked is still resonating with our members.”

Nadeem Noordin, Education Chair, YPO Tanzania

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