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Company Integration & Alignment Events

In today's complex and global world, creating a unified organizational culture can be a great challenge. A diverse workforce brings multiple benefits to a company, including innovation, creativity, a variety of different perspectives, and global impact. However, it also brings with it a number of issues that need to be dealt with in order to leverage the advantages, avoid disintegration and ultimately reach optimum performance. 

We are able to provide a Team Integration and Alignment Event to help companies create an engaging and productive team culture within these complexities. Events can be one day or multiple day. Each workshop will be built and adapted according to the specific needs and strategy of the organization, and can include a number of elements:

  • Interpersonal Communication and Connection - a variety of exercises and games to create and strengthen relationships between team members, encourage active listening, intimacy, and authenticity and create a positive atmosphere of fun and care.

  • Alignment around Company Strategy, Vision and Values - deep work that is designed to connect all company employees to the large strategy, vision and values and strengthen employee engagement through creating a sense of ownership and accountability throughout the organizational structure.

  • Organizational Theory - exercises will be supplemented by organizational theory around team development, organizational culture, and management styles. 

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