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Young Adults Development and Forum Program

Duration of the program: 6 meetings across 12 months, one session every 2 months


The program is designed to offer:

  • Inner connection and alignment coaching workshop- purpose, vision, and mission discovery, using breathwork and visualization tools.

  • Young adults peer group forum building and launching.

  • Enhancement of Nonflict forum practice with a facilitated session.

  • Deep dive and advanced forum methodologies.

  • Moderators peer group training.

  • Young adults train as their families' Nonflict forum moderators.

 A structured forum for young adults (age of 18-30)

Introducing our invaluable service, designed to assist you in navigating life's significant challenges, particularly during crucial stages such as deciding on your education, career path, and potential involvement in a family business.


With our service, you will gain access to personalized guidance and unwavering support to unravel your passions, strengths, and untapped potential. We aim to empower you in discovering your true calling and identifying goals that align with your unique abilities, ultimately guiding you towards a fulfilling path.


Our comprehensive program encompasses mentorship, pairing each individual with a dedicated "mature brother" who will act as a compassionate guide, offering invaluable mentorship to their "little brother" counterpart.

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