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 The Virtual Forum Training is composed of:

  • We will meet individually with each member in preparation for the retreat and go through an intensive interview design. The goal is to get to know each other, help map the possible issues to work on, narrow down on the key challenge, and start prepping to work on it with the Forum. 

  • Two sessions of 3.5 hours each, spread over two days. During the sessions, the group will learn the powerful process of return on time and deep processing. Furthermore, the group will go through a powerful supercharge that will include processing issues in a profound new way with all members and coaching. As an added value, all group members will have an opportunity to learn how to become moderators to allow for a higher level of involvement of all group members in moderating presentations.

  • Part of the retreat will be time without the resource. The group will be guided to conduct a series of exercises around vision, values and goals. Each member will prepare alone, and then the Forum will run the activities by themselves. This will include Forum Norms, Vision and Feedback. 

  •  A follow-up session to ensure the success of the Forum and its progress.


" I am a YPO Gold Forum moderator. We wanted to do a supercharge to be able to go deeper in our discussions, updates (which we call significant sharing), presentations and interactions. We interviewed several CFFs and felt that Dr Amir Kfir perfectly matched what we were looking for. We had a 4 hour supercharge forum session guided by Amir in which we shared in a deeper most profound way that very rarely happened before. I was given it a bit of thought to try to understand where this magic was coming from and to a large extent it is due to Amir’s skillful mastery of the forum facilitation craft. Amir brings huge amount of sincerity and vulnerability which makes one feel at ease (if not compelled) to do the same. This is coupled with emotional intelligence and structured methodology which get even the “strugglers” to open up and dive deeper. Another important point is Amir’s ability to share his knowledge and ensures that the magic continues with future non-facilitated meeting. TGIF forum is grateful to Amir for taking us a step closer to where we yearned to be but perhaps were to scared to dare."

YPO Gold Forum moderator

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