Chapter Integration Event

Estimated Length of Event - 5 hours

This session is designed to bring all chapter members closer together around a shared culture of openness, free networking, deepened intimacy and trust. Many chapters experience a deep connection between Forum members, but less so with other Chapter members. Chapter integration is a great opportunity to unite members around a shared vision.

The workshop begins with a large group activity which will enable connection between members, understanding the purpose of confidentiality, and developing intimacy through understanding and active listening. It will then be followed by breaking down into smaller forum groups, which will work together on building mutual trust through dealing with three areas: the past and the area of family; the present and the area of business and relationships; and the future and the area of self. 

  • “This event allowed us to develop deep acquaintances and intimacy with other members of the chapter and develop a foundation for future business and social relationships of a greater magnitude. The membership integration event got a 9.79 evaluation!!!” 

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Chapter Renaissance

Estimated Length of Event - 4 hours

We have found that development of a Chapter depends on a shared leadership structure and vision. This event gathers the executive committee and guides them to reassess where the Chapter stands today, agreeing on where members want to take it in the next 3-5 years, and then creating the right governance structure, education plan, forum groups, and membership targets in order to reach the long-term goals defined. A detailed plan of action is created, and a follow-up process is put in place in order to ensure that the Chapter will reach its prime. 

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