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Events with your leadership team

Introduction to Forum in Business

Estimated Length of Event - 0.5-1 day


This session will guide participants to set up Forum within their leadership teams and their business as a whole. Forum in Business provides a safe space for employees and managers to work through their own issues, develop empathetic communication, improve their interpersonal and management skills and much more. Forum in Business helps to create fast individual integration within the organization, break silos, allow team members to bring their heart into business and most importantly, to develop authentic leadership. Furthermore, it improves problem solving and accountability around implementation and execution. All this is done by using specialized tools aimed at improving team building, conflict resolution, increasing awareness and taking advantage of management styles, providing effective feedback and more.

  • “Running Forum in Business with my leadership team allowed us to feel closer to each other and built trust between us so that we are stronger to work together and solve problems together as a team. Dr. Kfir’s vast experience enabled a fast and effective process to happen with us, that was also very enjoyable.”

  • After implementing Forum in Business, AgroTerra Voted Russia’s top 30 best employer, Third of management is below 30 years old, Management turnovers down from 11 to 2%, Employee engagement is up from 40 to 70% in 2 years, Trust in upper management is up.

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