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Gil Kfir

Gil is the Managing Director and a Senior Consultant at Amirror Group Organizational Development. 

He operates the day-to-day operations of the group, refines and executes its strategic plan, business development activities, and project management.


Gil is a facilitator of organizational Development workshops, retreats, and interventions, for organizations, peer groups, and families.


He uses the group's unique methodology, Nonflict Forum, to transform culture, group dynamic, communication, integration level, and intimacy levels within family business and other groups. 


Gil is a Certified Nonflict Coach, who specializes in addressing challenges that arise within family businesses and supporting young adults' process of self-discovery, expression, and finding their area of genuineness and unique footprint, thus developing purpose-driven leadership.

Gil graduated from Reichman University, holding a bachelor's degree in Psychology, specializing in family communication, and the neurobiological mechanism of intimacy, and a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Throughout his studies, he trained and facilitated student group development processes and was chosen to be the project manager of a team dedicated to building an innovative technological solution that would enhance family presence and communication, and reduce smartphone use, which won a global competition in the field of family-oriented Human-Computer Interaction.


Gil is a presence seeker, who explores the way altered states of consciousness created by mindfulness and breathwork, can enhance human well-being and performance. He is a Certified Breath-Work Therapist and applies this knowledge and techniques and his work with families, couples, siblings, and organizations. 

He has a deep appreciation for Movement, Music, and the Ocean.

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