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Gil Kfir

Gil is the Organizational Development Manager and an Associate Consultant at Amirror group organizational development. 

He is leading the group’s growth by building projects management methodologies and bringing in a business development perspective.


Gil co-facilitates large scale Nonflict family forum events in which he supports leaders’ families in the process of becoming a superhero family. 

He graduated from Reichman University, holding a bachelor's degree in psychology, and a bachelor's degree in business management with a specialization in finance and entrepreneurship.

Throughout his studies he trained and facilitated student's groups development processes and was chosen to be the project manager of a team dedicated to build an innovative technological solution that will enhance family's presence and communication, and reduce smartphone use, that won a global competition in the field of family oriented Human Computer Interaction.


Gil is a Nonflict coach, specialized in addressing challenges that arise within family businesses and supporting young adults' process of self-discovery, expression, personal and professional development.


Gil is a movement and hand balancing enthusiast, and he is helping people develop their mind & body control and awareness, as a certified gymnastics coach. 


Freediving and surfing on all kinds of boards in nature are how he would choose to spend his free time.


Gil is passionate about teaching and simplifying complex concepts into graspable pieces of knowledge and connecting people to themselves and to one another to work effectively for a common purpose.

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