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Conflict Resolution

We offer practical tools and easy-to-follow exercises for dealing with conflict, regardless of the cause, in personal as well in organizational life.


Conflict Resolution in Business:
Success in business depends on leveraging conflict effectively. We are experts at enabling an enterprise to make fundamental improvements without the destructive conflicts that plague many major change efforts. We specialize in resolving conflicts such as:

·       Conflicts between founders, owners, board members, partners and family members

·       Other internal conflicts and politics that escalate to the extent that they inhibit the success of the business

·       Growing pains

·       Culture clashes between companies undergoing mergers or acquisitions

We train members of the organization around how to deal with conflict on a daily basis, using our unique conflict resolution method, Nonflict. By using our conflict resolution tools, your employees will spend less time and energy overcoming conflicts and existing tensions, and have more time to address professional issues critical to the organization's success.

Conflict Resolution in everyday life:
We teach constructive conflict resolution skills so that you can enjoy a happier life and healthier relationships with those around you.  Families deal with many types of conflicts which we can assist with, including: marital issues, sibling rivalries, tensions with in-laws, inner conflict of individual family members, community conflict and others. 

Conflict Resolution in the International Arena:
Amirror also specializes in facilitation of conflict resolution and peace-making forums in the international arena. Dr. Amir Kfir has been the facilitator of Peace Action Forums around the world, including between: Israelis and Arabs/Palestinians, Americans and Arabs, Greeks and Turks, Armenians and Turks, Jews and Muslims. Our goal is to contribute towards establishing a culture of peace in the world.


Read more about our international work and goals for achieving peace here. 

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