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Dr. Amir Kfir

For over 30 years, Dr. Amir Kfir has been an Organizational Consultant involved in motivating peace and conflict management dialogue in companies, families, cultural groups, and more. He is an expert in the field of change management, helping companies from around the world achieve high performance and growth through a focus on cultural transformation. 

He began his work as an international corporate change management consultant with the Adizes group for many years until he founded his own company Amirror, an organizational development company. In this capacity, he has worked with corporations ranging from $5 million - $6 billion in various industries and countries. He uses an array of change management methodologies to help organizations transform into their prime, reaching their highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally, Amir is a leading coach to top executives and leaders worldwide in personal, managerial, and organizational transformation. 

As a consultant, he was commissioned by YPO (Young Presidents' Organization) to develop and run successful chapter development and renascence programs worldwide. He is the co-author of "Nonflict: The Art of Everyday Peacemaking" and the co-founder of the NGO,  One Million Peacemakers.

Amir played an integral part in creating the "Peace Action Network" (PAN) forum methodology in conflict areas, including Israelis and Arabs, Turks and Greeks, Turks and Armenians, and Jews and Muslims, as described in his TED Talk. Today, Amir applies the forum process to families, improving communication and connection, and to businesses, enabling companies to break down silos and become agile.


Amir holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Dual Master's degree in Social and Industrial psychology from Bar Ilan University. He was a leading teacher in the Adizes graduate school of organizational transformation. Amir's PhD work at California Coast University (CCU) applies the "power of presence" in sales and personal transformation, creating the concept of “management here and now”.


Personal Information: 

Amir is married to Sorana and has two adult children Ronnie and Gil. Yoga is his passion which led him to become a certified yoga teacher. 

His vision is to bring the forum process to all, a platform for deep group conversation and conflict management that creates an environment of mutual trust and respect, bringing peace to the world one step at a time.

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