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Resolving Thorny Conflicts and Culture Challenges

I’m a firm believer that our childhood experiences affect how we show up as leaders.

But did you know that this concept also applies to organizations?

The events and attitudes that shaped your organization in its infancy — maybe even generations before you arrived there — are likely still permeating into your company culture.

Like childhood experiences, these early events and attitudes can be the root cause of an organizational issue that you just can’t seem to resolve no matter what you do. You (and your team members) could be stuck in the legacy of earlier leadership.

By unraveling the root cause, leaders can actively choose a new way of responding and leading.

I was a guest on this week’s The Enlightened Executive podcast. Listen in to hear me introduce you to a method for identifying and resolving deep-rooted problems and resolving conflict: constellation work.

I also share the three phases of conflict resolution leaders should follow to arrive at “win–win” solutions, how to truly embrace active listening for greater empathy, and examples of how early events fuel lasting company cultures (for better or for worse).

If you want to learn how to resolve conflicts from the root instead of applying surface-level tactics, this is an episode you don’t want to miss:


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